From one penny to a billion - each of us can uplift a library and the neighborhood.


What is the Billion Pennies Project?

1 billion pennies = $10 million.  10 million dollars will ensure the operational sustainability of the BCLA for generations and generations: preserving our past while fostering the light and learning of  our future.


Some people don’t give the penny much worth. Pennies are often thrown on the ground, left in a little bowl at the check out counter, or thrown in a drawer because they’re not worth the space they might consume in our wallets or pockets. 


But we at the Braddock Carnegie Library value pennies. Without pennies, we wouldn’t have dollars. Each penny brings us that much closer to achieving our goals.

Let’s face it – everyone has pennies – children, teens, adults, seniors – and that means that just about everyone can be an “uplifter”. Just as a journey starts with one small step, achieving a billion pennies starts with one small penny.

Journey with us in uplifting the Braddock Carnegie Library.

It’s easy – just bring one penny or a jar of pennies to the BCL!

(And, of course, we accept silver coins, paper & plastic!)